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Building and owning franchises and independent brands, managing explosive growth as one of the preeminent CFO’s in the franchise space, and their 50 cumulative years’ experience in the restaurant finance space:  C Squared’s partners provide a unique perspective advising restaurant and franchise companies on M & A and financing transactions.

Mr. McCauley and Mr. Davis have extensive experience owning, managing, and growing their own franchise businesses, which significantly complements their transaction advisory roles.  Their experience with franchisors, as franchisees, as independent brand owners, in large corporate environments, and in small entrepreneurial settings is unequalled. This real-world experience results in a unique skill set that no industry investment banker or industry specialist can match.


We call this the C Squared Advantage.

Carty Davis, Managing Member, Team MVP, LLC, a 60-unit Sport Clips Area Developer responsible for the state of North Carolina                                          

In 2003 Mr. Davis and partner, Matt Lewis, invested in the North Carolina Area Development rights for Sport Clips, a successful and promising Sport-themed, male-focused hair cut franchise with approximately 100 units nationwide and one unit in North Carolina. The Sport Clips brand, based in Georgetown, Texas and under the leadership of Gordon Logon, now has grown to over 1,800 units domestically while the North Carolina market has expanded from 1 to almost 60 units with plans to add an additional 30 units in the next 5 years. Team MVP expanded its initial investment with the purchase of additional NC rights in 2007 and now has a 90-unit territory in NC.

Currently managing member and majority owner of Team MVP, Carty has been involved in every aspect of the growth of Sport Clips in North Carolina.  As an Area Developer, he has had the unique position to work with the franchisor and franchisees in leadership roles, dividing royalties and fees with the brand while managing stores and building the franchise system in the NC market. In addition to the Area Development duties, Mr. Davis and Lewis also own 6 units, manage the NC franchisees, and oversee the development of the brand in North Carolina. Mr. Davis has been involved in all aspects of the Sport Clips franchise system in NC; market planning, buying and selling of stores, franchisee growth planning and positioning, franchisee terminations, site selection, lease negotiations, construction, marketing, ad fund planning/budgeting, promotions, charitable initiatives, operations, and financing.  Carty is involved in quarterly Leadership training and assist Mr. Lewis on all personnel and strategic decisions. This experience of growing a franchise from inception to 60 units provides Mr. Davis a unique perspective in assisting clients on challenges, opportunities, problems and most importantly real solutions.

Mr. Davis has also served in advisory and board positions with several privately-held restaurant and franchise companies. He also has served on multiple nonprofit boards including current positions with the Pinehurst Historical Society plaque committee and the Givens Library and Tuft’s Archives in Pinehurst.